Poor Carl, he wasn't everyone's favorite dad. His grilling skills weren't especially notable, he wasn't very good with a lawnmower, and he always found himself losing in Fantasy Football. But no one expected him to be offensive enough to be killed - choked by his own fanny pack strap. Using your Dad Senses, it's up to you to found out which Bad Dads are responsible for this madness and take them to Dad Court where they can undergo Dad Justice.

The accounts in play are:

1. [M] Greg - Hot Dad
2. [M] Harry - Dad's Dad
3. [M] Jeff - Single Dad
4. [M] Joe - Army Dad
5. [M] Kurt - Cool Dad
6. [M] Paul - Rich Dad
7. [M] Walter - Smart Dad

Day 0: 7 Dads Remain

Your goal today? Vote for a dad. Any dad. After 24 hours have passed or we have reached a majority, the first day will begin and you will get your role PM's.
The dad who gets the most votes will get a secret prize. You cannot unvote once you have cast it.