So I'm about 5 hours in....

(SPOILER)You start off killing the Twins when Cecil raids Mysidia for their Crystal. The Elder retaliates by killing Cecil. Cecil "wakes up" in the Underworld and must complete tasks to regain his soul. You get the Twins in your party 'cuz they're dead too. Also Cid is there because King Baron executed him. And finally Edward joins up when Kain kills him while stealing Damcyan's Crystal. I just got Cecil revived and met up with Edge and that's where I am.

This is my first time ever really playing FFIV SNES. It's amazing this game is on the same console as FFVI. The differences in....uh, everything, is astounding. This version of FFIV feels one step removed from the NES while FFVI felt like it stretched the limits and boundaries of the SNES. Talk about technical innovation.

I only ever played FFIV Advance. Here, the text limit is really a nightmare because I don't know what smurfing anything does. I'm lucky I'm a FF veteran so I at least know what Echo Screens are for, and Star Pendants protect against Poison. Also it's kind of cute that they can't even fit full weapon names in here. Cecil's equipment for example is all just called Shadow or Darkness or Hades and then you have to figure out what exactly it is from the little icon. So instead of saying Hades Helm, I read "Hades" and then look at the helmet symbol next to it.

If I ever get around to playing FF 1, it's going to be even worse isn't it. Caveman times.

And I'm enjoying myself, don't get me wrong. It's just so bizarre. Also the romhacker actually includes a chart of all the equipment in the game so you can consult that if you need to see equipment properties like stats or effects.