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Thread: Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within (Romhack)

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    Default Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within (Romhack)

    So I'm about 5 hours in....

    (SPOILER)You start off killing the Twins when Cecil raids Mysidia for their Crystal. The Elder retaliates by killing Cecil. Cecil "wakes up" in the Underworld and must complete tasks to regain his soul. You get the Twins in your party 'cuz they're dead too. Also Cid is there because King Baron executed him. And finally Edward joins up when Kain kills him while stealing Damcyan's Crystal. I just got Cecil revived and met up with Edge and that's where I am.

    This is my first time ever really playing FFIV SNES. It's amazing this game is on the same console as FFVI. The differences in....uh, everything, is astounding. This version of FFIV feels one step removed from the NES while FFVI felt like it stretched the limits and boundaries of the SNES. Talk about technical innovation.

    I only ever played FFIV Advance. Here, the text limit is really a nightmare because I don't know what smurfing anything does. I'm lucky I'm a FF veteran so I at least know what Echo Screens are for, and Star Pendants protect against Poison. Also it's kind of cute that they can't even fit full weapon names in here. Cecil's equipment for example is all just called Shadow or Darkness or Hades and then you have to figure out what exactly it is from the little icon. So instead of saying Hades Helm, I read "Hades" and then look at the helmet symbol next to it.

    If I ever get around to playing FF 1, it's going to be even worse isn't it. Caveman times.

    And I'm enjoying myself, don't get me wrong. It's just so bizarre. Also the romhacker actually includes a chart of all the equipment in the game so you can consult that if you need to see equipment properties like stats or effects.

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    Lol I was just expecting some wee changes. Then I open the spoiler tag and im lik Wtf lol. Kimda wanna try it noo
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    I'm about 12 hours in, spoilering story stuff in case anyone wants to play this:

    (SPOILER)So you team up with Edge and then go to Fabul where you get Rosa and Yang. I forget where exactly but Tellah joins you in a cave. You fight and beat Rubicant in Castle Damcyan. Tellah is looking for his daughter so he goes there but when she's not there he leads you to Kaipo where he finds her well and leaves the party. You pick up Rydia in the ruins of Mist on your way to speak to the King of Baron about being crazy and working with Golbez. He throws you in prison, you escape through a sewer and head to Mysidia. Cecil, Rosa, Edge, Yang and Rydia head to Mt. Ordeals but Yang leaves after beating the boss there. (it wasn't the Fiend) After becoming a Paladin, FuSoYa teleports you to the moon where he explains Golbez is trying to revive Zemus with the Crystals. He then ages up Rydia and joins the party and transports you back to Earth.

    I just stormed Baron, killed the Fiend King and Kain replaced FuSoYa in my party. Got the airship and currently grinding for GP to get new gear from Mythril.

    Also I can't remember for certain, was Hide one of Edward's commands? Here, Rydia can use it.

    And man, Cecil's White Magic is beyond worthless. Only thing I'm glad for is he has Scan which means I can look at a boss' weakness while keeping Rosa on full heal duty.

    Ironically, the hardest boss yet was Octomon or whatever it was called. Fixed pattern but hits a lot and often and Cecil couldn't survive its Delude water attack that hits the whole party.

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    Sounds like an interesting remix of events. How's the writing? That usually makes or breaks my enjoyment of fan hacks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge7 View Post
    Sounds like an interesting remix of events. How's the writing? That usually makes or breaks my enjoyment of fan hacks
    It's serviceable in my view, nothing amazing or bad. The mod changes the story around so much that some character arcs are omitted, notably Tellah's and Kain's. That was disappointing.

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