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    Quote Originally Posted by fat_moogle View Post
    I had a bit of a break from Tekken 7 but I've gone back to it again now. Was getting Yoshi fatigue so I've decided to learn a new character - Steve Fox. Whenever I used to use him all I could do was sway but now I've took the time to take him in to practise mode I've been enjoying him! Anyone else learnt any new characters lately?
    I could take on the arduous task of getting decent with Nina's stuff, and we could have a classic family feud.

    She is the forgotten grappler, and her mix-up chains are pretty darn strong. She just doesn't output a lot of damage for the difficulty of her combos.

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    Tag tournament will always be my favorite of the series. My Dad bought it for me, and we spent a lot of time playing it together. It was even better when we could convince Mum to play with us as well, as it was the only fighting game where we could actually all play on the same team. And the bowling. I think we bowled more than we played arcade mode. It was the reason we finally broke down and bought a controller multi-tap. Such good memories. I'm sure the story was good too, but the family times far outshone it.

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