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Thread: Japan to recieve ports of the first three Dragon Quests.

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    Default Japan to recieve ports of the first three Dragon Quests.

    Japan will be getting ports of the first games in the Dragon Quest series for both the 3DS and PS4 as part of the success of Dragon Quest XI for both consoles. It looks like D1 and 2 are ports of the mobile version that came out not too long ago, but DQIII looks to be based on the Super Famicom remake. The games will be sold separately for 850 yen for the first two and 1500 yen for DQIII. The question is, will Square-Enix give non-Japanese DQ fans a chance to play these games on another system that isn't mobile? Traditionally, Enix and SE itself have been pretty stingy with which DQ games see Western releases. In addition to DQ IX having to be published by Nintendo to see Western release, DQX has still never gotten a Western release despite being ported to multiple platforms, and we were denied the DQ 25th Anniversary Collection as well. The 3DS Remakes of VII and VIII were only released due to viral fan campaigns based in France to convince SE that there was enough interest. DQXI is planned for a Western release, so perhaps SE may finally open up and give Western fans more opportunities to experience this classic franchise.

    Source: Siliconera

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post

    Being a DQ fan in the west sure ain't easy
    Yeah just came in to say " what about us " ?

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    I hope III is released.

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    I really hope we get this. I'd love to play through the older games as a sort of history lesson.

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