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Thread: Final Fantasy Ice Cream

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    Default Final Fantasy Ice Cream

    What flavour ice cream would your favourite Final Fantasy be? More interestingly, what flavour would your worst Final Fantasy be?

    In fact, just go at them all.


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    Final Fantasy I : Vanilla. The original. Some feel like it's a bit plain, a bit too simple and bare. Though some love it's straight-forward nature.

    Final Fantasy II : Squid Ink
    . A flavor that very few people would actually enjoy. Sometimes people only go near it to see what it's like and then never go near it again after that bad taste is left in the mouth.

    Final Fantasy III : Chocolate Chip. It's Vanilla, but with a bit of a extra quirk.

    Final Fantasy IV : Strawberry. It's soft, romantic, passionate, sweet and while would of been novel at the time of it's birth. It's a bit common- place now.

    Final Fantasy V : Peanut Butter.
    A bit crazy, wild, fun and feels like a nice happy treat.

    Final Fantasy VI : Cookies And Cream
    . A famous flavor, though it didn't become massively popular till a few years ago.

    Final Fantasy VII : Chocolate. A well common, popular, famous flavor of Ice Cream. You can add some extras to this flavor with some chocolate sauce and some fudge. Though sometimes too much chocolate can make you feel sick and tired of it.

    Final Fantasy VIII : VIII is not a ice cream. It's this.

    Final Fantasy IX : Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.
    Some feel like this is the best thing ever, some feel like it tastes like toothpaste.

    Final Fantasy X Cotton Candy. A very sweet and sugary flavor that makes you feel like laughing out loud like Tidus.

    Final Fantasy XII : Blueberry.
    A more mature flavor of ice cream that feels a bit more of a adult snack than other usual flavors.

    Final Fantasy XIII : Toothpaste and OJ Flavor. Hey, some people like it ! Some people think that it's the devil ! Depends on you.

    Final Fantasy XV : Half- Eaten Ice Cream.
    Hey where did the rest go ? It's not finished ? You have to pay DLC for the rest of the Ice Cream ? What ??!

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    Final Fantasy VII is defintely not normal chocolate ice cream. Bah.

    Final Fantasy VII is a banana split. You'd have to be totally sick to hate it.

    And is that real toothpaste?

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    @maybee FFXV was the best one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post

    And is that real toothpaste?
    Naah. Doubt it. If you eat toothpaste it can be toxic for you. It'll be mint flavoring that "tastes " like toothpaste.

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