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Thread: Mandela Effects in video games

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    Grin Mandela Effects in video games

    I was thinking that since James Rolfe "Angry Video Game Nerd" recently did a few videos about Mandela Effects in books and movies, it might be fun to continue with some examples from video games, since for some reason James never mentioned any examples like that.
    But he seems to have a great interest in them, and let's be honest - all of us experience false memories like that every now and then, sometimes to the point that they can be kind of frustrating (since it's natural to wanna know why we get some specific false memory in the first place).
    But they can also be quite fun and fascinating, so let's continue with some examples from video games.
    I would however like to make two recommendations regarding these Mandela Effects, in order to keep this lighthearted discussion as well-defined and uncontroversial as possible:

    1. they must have affected at least two persons (you don't need to include yourself)
    2. they should be nothing more than normal false memories - in other words, no wild ideas about merging universes etc

    Mandela Effects in video games actually seem surprisingly rare, but one that I remember which surprised me a little bit at first was one in "Super Mario Bros. 3" - a few people mentioned that the only way to get a Goomba's Shoe on stage 3 in Sky Land was by waiting for them to land on a block and then hitting them from underneath, since they would just take the shoe with them if you jumped on them like normal.
    I found that a bit surprising, since for some reason I remembered jumping on them and getting the shoe that way when I was a kid in the early 90s (kinda like how the Koopas leave their shells behind when you jump on them in Super Mario World, which by the way is probably another factor).
    But that's probably just because that's how you kill most enemies in that game, so I guess I kinda combined these scenarios.
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    Uh, not a whole lot really comes to mind, but I know some people who insist(ed) there is(was) a space in "Hydrocity" in Sonic 3, which is why they call it "Hydro City". Also, and this one is pretty debatable, but people seem to recall Kefka destroying the world with the statues in FF6, even though they are still pretty stable until Shadow smooshes them (complete with unhappy clown man) together.

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