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Thread: Sonic Mania! [ALL THE SPOILERS]

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    I can't really critique the "plot", as Sonic 1 and 2 didn't really have a plot, but the gameplay is exactly what I was wanting, and I'm not disappointed in it at all. They knew what they were doing, and maybe now they'll get a second shot at it and be able to do a lot more with the formula. Now that it's in the hands of someone competent I can hope again. Freedom Planet doesn't have the be the only good Sonic game in the last decade or two

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    So apparently it's not actually a Time Stone. Despite looking like one and manipulating time and space like one. It's called a Phantom Ruby (I noticed there was a digital manual for Mania).

    Four runs later and I'm getting all the emeralds faster each time. I also realized that the final-final boss isn't too bad if you don't actually fly.

    Press Garden Act 2, Flying Battery Act 2, Hard Boiled Heavies (Boss), Metal Sonic Boss, Titanic Monarch Act 2, and Green Hill Act 2 are my favorites from the OST.

    Press Garden is my favorite new zone, but Studiopolis is really close behind.

    What about favorite returning zone? Specifically which remixed Act 2?

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    I will ALWAYS love Flying Battery Act 2's theme. As for a favorite new stage, I'm giving it to Studiopolis
    Returners Represent!

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    PRO TIP: Don't be super during the first Metal Sonic fight. It screws it all up. In a somewhat humorous manner if it lasts long enough, but I digress.

    I am currently in my 9th run of the game and I can confidently say that Hydrocity Zone is my least favorite. It has become the one where I kind of groan when I have to pass through again. There is apparently a bubble-less route that I'll have to figure out. Hopefully it'll grow on me again if I figure it out.

    I also uploaded some potatoes of each special stage today. In case there are any that are particularly troublesome these are the most efficient ways I've found so far. Just don't do what I did at the end of stage 6. I can't believe I walked away with that one.

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