True to his word, SE and the producer of Rise of Mana and the recent Final Fantasy Adventure remake for the Vita, have announced a full remake of cult classic Secret of Mana. A deleted reddit post says the game will be available in February of next year.Seiken Densetsu 2, known as Secret of Mana in the West, was originally made for the defunct Super Famicom CD-Rom attachment that was being co-developed by Nintendo and Sony. Once Nintendo scratched the project and set in motion their greatest rival in the next gen, Square scrambled to salvage the game and find a way to fit it on a cartridge at the cost of several story elements and gameplay features being scrapped. For many Western fans, this was the first Mana game since the actual first game went under the Final Fantasy moniker at the time. Featuring three player co-op, this was the second Action-RPG developed by Square for the 16-bit platform and easily their most well known. If sales continue to be strong for the remakes, the producer and SE promise to remake the other entries as well, including Seiken Densetsu 3, which is often regarded as the best entry and was denied localization in the West.

Source: Siliconera