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Thread: favourite game on each console youve played.

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    Default favourite game on each console youve played.

    Nes: ff3. It was either this or zelda. Ive only beaten ff3 and barely played zelsa
    Snes: FFV. Tough choice between FFV Super Metroid and FFVI. But canny beat FFV really. Its so fun.
    Sega mega genesis: Sonic 3 and knuckles. Yeah really just is the best crafted sonic game. I love most but this is the best.
    Gameboy: links awakening. Never beat it but I still love it. Maybe nostalgia talkin but what can you expect eh?.
    Dreamcast: sonic adventure 2. I like both. But..... yeah sa2 is just fun. Although I should put this in the gamecube part. Im not gonna.
    N64: ah the 4 player fun I had on this console. Lylat wars, pokemon stadium. Goldeneye. Ahh.. gonna smurf all that and choose majoras mask. Nyeh heh heh.
    Gamecube: Metroid prime. Probably one of the best first person shooters ever created. And best metroid ive played. Because it isnt just mindless shooting (which im not against as youll soon see) but I smurfing love this game. Ill stop myself here though and save my gushing for a metroid prime thread.
    Xbox: Halo 2. Yup a mindless shooter I am blinded by nostalgia by. So yup.
    Gameboy Advance: pokemon gen 3.havent played much gba games but I like this obe.
    Playstation: FF9. Well it is my favourite game after all.
    Playstation 2: a tough one as I dont remember much of the loads of ps2 games. So ill go with FFXII.
    Playstation 3: similar problem here too. But ill go with just cause 2 since I like blowing trout up.
    xbox 360: mass effect 2 ofcourse.
    DS: pokemon mystery dungeon explorers. Gushed aboot that one enough by now.
    3ds: cant cheat by saying majoras mask again so.... Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.
    Xbox one: Destiny. Yes as much as I think it is a bad game. I still love it.
    Ps4: cheating by choosing FFXIV nyeh heh heh.

    EDIT: I forgot Wii. For that its Twilight Princess.
    think thats aboot all of them really.
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    I think about this on a weekly basis, lol. Welp, here goes:

    Nes: Castlevania 3. Technically haven't beaten this one, unlike the first game, but the music, the visuals and the partner mechanic are just too damn cool. I'll forgive it for its insane difficulty.
    Snes: Super Metroid, no question.
    Genesis: Though Sonic 3 & Knuckles is growing on me, I still adore Sonic 2. Honorable mentions go to Streets of Rage 2 and Alien Soldier, because all three are really that close
    N64: Sin and Punishment, MAN I wish that game came out in the states when it would've been more relevant. Still a blast to play though.
    PS1: A tough call between Vagrant Story and MGS. I honestly can't pick, don't make me.
    Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure 2. I love Jet Set Radio, but it NEEDS that second analogue stick
    Gamecube: Metroid Prime. The game just oozes atmosphere.
    PS2: Similar issue of Kojima vs Matsuno, but this time I think Final Fantasy XII wins over MGS3 for me.
    PS3: I don't really remember this generation all too well. I never got to play the Souls Games before leaving for College, and the bulk of games I remember playing were fighting games and PS1 Classics. I'll say Uncharted 2, because I still think that despite the series' reputation for being all flash with very little substance, I still hold that the first 2 entries are decent third person shooters with a nice emphasis on verticality. The second one in particular rewards forgoing cover with a stealth kill system that gives Drake more powerful weapons. Basically I feel weird that my favorite PS3 game is an Uncharted game and I feel the need to justify it.
    Game Boy Color: Pokemon Gold. Have too many childhood memories to pick anything else.
    Game Boy Advance: Castlevania Aria of Sorrow. My introduction to the series and in competition with SotN for my favorite.
    DS: The World Ends With You. There's a lot of reasons why I love this game, but there's something to be said about a game about socializing and getting to know other people that rewards you for keeping the game off.
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    So you just want me to post a bunch of Zelda and Sonic games, is that it?

    NES: Super Mario Bros. 3 [Zelda is great and all, as well as Kid Icarus, but SMB3 was a blast]
    SNES: A Link to the Past [very honorable mention to DKC2]
    N64: Majora's Mask [my all time favorite Zelda]
    GCN: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door [all Zeldas on this system were mid to lower on my list]
    Wii: Skyward Sword [screw the haters, I liked it]
    Wii U: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze [only system without an exclusive, mainline Zelda. Sad]
    Switch: Breath of the Wild [duh]

    GameBoy: Link's Awakening [first in the series for me that spawned years of fun]
    GB Color: Oracle of Ages
    GBA: Pokémon Leaf Green [I tried to stick to original games only, but this was just SO good]
    DS: Phantom Hourglass [another "screw you, I liked it"]
    3DS: A Link Between Worlds [Kid Icarus Uprising and Hyrule Warriors Legends were fantastic as well]
    Virtual Boy: Wario Land [yes, I have one]

    Genesis: Sonic 3 & Knuckles [All time favorite game]
    32X: Knuckles Chaotix [by default, it certainly wasn't going to be Space Harrier]
    Saturn: NiGHTS into Dreams [close second is Saturn Bomberman]
    GameGear: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [hard as balls, but with fond memories]

    PSOne: Final Fantasy IX [Square game number one]
    PS2: Kingdom Hearts II [Square game number two]
    PS3: Sonic Generations [Square game number th...wait, what?]
    PS4: Sonic Mania [it hasn't even been two weeks yet and I've played through five times already]
    PSP: Birth by Sleep [I more or less bought the thing just for this game]

    Xbox [never actually owned one]: Fable: The Lost Chapters [backwards compatibility FTW]
    Xbox 360: Dead Rising [PORT 3 AND 4 TO PS4 ALREADY]

    PC: Jedi Outcast [best Star Wars game in the galaxy]

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    I find it funny you had a 32x and a Saturn, but no Dreamcast!
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    NES: Ninja Gaiden !
    Chrono Trigger
    Conkers Bad Fur Day lmao

    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy IV/ Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin
    3DS: Fire Emblem Awakening

    Sonic 2
    Space Harrier/ Sonic CD

    Final Fantasy VI/ Final Fantasy VIII/ Final Fantasy IX
    Jak And Daxter
    Sonic Generations
    Persona 5/ Final Fantasy XII : Zodiac Age
    Final Fantasy I/ Final Fantasy II
    Vita : Odin Sphere

    Xbox 360:
    Soul Caliber V [ I love playing "OC Maker " with it ]

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    SNES - Chrono Trigger
    Gameboy - Pokemon Gold
    Gameboy COLOR - Warioland 3
    GBA - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
    DS - Pokemon Black
    3DS - Shin Megami Tensei IV

    Playstation - Xenogears
    Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy XII
    PSP - Persona 3 Portable
    PSVita - Persona 4 Golden

    PC - The Witcher 3

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    Atari 2600 - Warlords
    4 player competitive breakout, and still one of my favorite multiplayer games.
    Notable other titles
    Combat is a close second place here, being the second best multiplayer offering.
    Pitfall is my favorite single player game on the console

    Atari Lynx - Rampart
    Pirates and cannons EVERYWHERE! Ahhh! It's a great portable version of one of my favorite arcade titles.

    Sega Master System - Pit-pot
    One of my favorite puzzle games ever; wish there was a random option, though.
    Notable other titles
    Kenseiden - Favorite platformer on the console

    Sega Game Gear
    - Crystal Warriors
    An early tactics game with its rock-paper system based around each hero's innate element.
    Notable other titles
    Sonic the Hedgehog - My favorite 8-bit Sonic title
    Tails' Adventure - Kind of like a Metroidvania game staring Tails! Pretty fun.

    Sega Genesis - Sonic 2
    First game I owned and still, likely, my favorite game overall.
    Notable other titles
    Phantasy Star IV - My favorite RPG on the system
    Streets of Rage 2 - Favorite Beat'em Up to date
    Thunder Force IV - Favorite shooter on the console

    Sega CD - Earthworm Jim: Special Edition
    Fantastic platformer with additional stages and vastly improved music. <3
    Notable other titles
    Snatcher - My favorite console adventure game
    Flashback - My favorite version of one of my favorite platformers

    Sega 32X - Tempo
    One of the few games on the console I actually remember playing, and it is way better than Knuckl es' Chaotix.

    Sega Saturn - Assault Suit Leynos 2
    Robots and explosions and awesome.

    Sega Dreamcast - Tech Romancer
    Probably my favorite 3D fighter to date, which is super easy to learn and has a ton of unlockables. And robots and explosions and awesome.
    Notable other titles
    Sonic Adventure 2 - Favorite platformer on the console
    The Last Blade 2 - My favorite fighting game

    NES - Shatterhand
    Favorite platformer on the console; may contain robots, explosions, and awesome.
    Notable other titles
    Final Fantasy - Favorite RPG on the console
    Jackal - Favorite multiplayer game on the console
    Summer Carnival '92: Recca - Favorite shooter on the console
    Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu - Favorite sports game

    Gameboy - Donkey Kong
    It starts out looking like a port of the original arcade DK, but then expands into a full on platforming puzzle game. Looove it.
    Notable other titles
    Pokemon Red / Blue - My second favorite set of Pokemon games and favorite RPGs on the console
    Metroid II - Favorite non-puzzle platformer on the console

    SNES - Final Fantasy VI
    My favorite RPG
    Notable other titles
    Romancing SaGa 3 - My other favorite RPG
    R-Type 3 - My favorite shooter
    Top Gear - Favorite racing game on the console

    GBC - Gen the Carpenter
    A great puzzle platformer where you use various hammers to interact with various monsters in various ways.
    Notable other titles
    Dragon Quest 3 - Favorite RPG on the console
    Link's Awakening DX - 2nd favorite 2D Zelda game

    N64 - Tetrisphere
    My favorite puzzle game, and my ultimate sit back and relax title. I just turn off the lights, turn up the music, and lose an hour or two.
    Notable other titles
    Battletanx: Global Assault - My favorite multiplayer title on the console
    Rush 2 - My favorite racing game on the console, and 2nd favorite arcade racer overall.
    Paper Mario - Favorite RPG on the console

    GBA - Fire Emblem
    My favorite tactics game
    Notable other titles
    Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - My second favorite Metroidvania title.

    - Mario Kart: Double Dash
    My favorite arcade racer, and favorite multiplayer racer
    Notable other titles
    Windwaker - My favorite 3D Zelda title
    Paper Mario 2 - Favorite RPG title on the console

    DS - Pokemon Pearl
    Favorite Pokemon game
    Notable other titles
    Pokemon Black 2/White 2 - Third favorite in the series
    Front Mission DS - Favorite version of the title; favorite tactics game on the console.

    Wii - Mega Man 9
    My favorite Mega Man game.
    Notable other titles
    Punch-Out - My favorite entry in the series

    3DS - Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Fantastic entry in the series
    Notable other titles
    Paper Mario: Sticker Star - Most dissapointing title I've ever purchased a console for.

    PS1 - Gran Tourismo 2
    My favorite simulation racer
    Notable other titles
    Front Mission 3 - Favorite entry in the series; favorite tactics game on the console
    Valkyrie Profile - Favorite RPG on the console
    Guilty Gear - 2nd favorite fighting game; favorite fighting game on the console

    PS2 - Sly Cooper
    This console had a TON of high quality 3d platformers, but Sly Cooper is probably my favorite.
    Notable other titles
    Burnout 3 - Favorite racer on the console
    Ar Tonelico - Favorite RPG on the console
    The Last Blade 2 - Favorite fighting game
    Front Mission 5 - Favorite tactics game on the console

    PSP - Mega Man: Powered up
    Robots, explosions, awesome, AND big heads? Yes please. Oh, and there is a level creator too, I suppose. And playable bosses. And Roll hitting things in the face with a box of chocolates.
    Notable other titles
    Lumines - Favorite puzzle game on the platform
    Star Ocean: First Depature - Favorite RPG on the platform

    PS3 - Star Ocean IV
    Favorite RPG on the platform
    Notable other titles
    Terraria - Not as good as the PC version, but still a ton of fun.
    Front Mission 3 - The first game I bought via the PS store.

    Neo-Geo - The Last Blade 2
    My favorite fighting game.
    Notable other titles
    Fatal Fury: Real Bout 2, my favorite FF game
    Samurai Shodown 4, my second favorite SS game
    Metal Slug 2, my favorite run-and-gun style game

    Neo-Geo Pocket Color - SVC Card Fighter's Clash
    I don't like card games. I love this card game. o3o

    Xbox - Morrowind : Game of the Year Edition
    Inferior to the PC version? Clearly. Best RPG on the console anyway? I think so.
    Notable other titles
    Burnout 3 - Favorite racer on the platform
    Halo : Combat Evolved - Favorite entry in the series

    Turbografx 16 - Victory Run
    Favorite racing game on the platform, just, for the love of God, mute your TV, otherwise the turning noise will drive you insane.
    Notable other titles
    Final Lap Twin - Best entry in the unrepresented racing-RPG genre.
    Legend of the Valkyrie - Favorite action/top-down shooter on the platform.
    Gekibo - Best entry in the unrepresented take-photos-for-a-newspaper genre. Suuuuper fun and wacky.

    Turbo grafx 16 CD - Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
    My favorite entry in the Castlevania series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge7 View Post
    I find it funny you had a 32x and a Saturn, but no Dreamcast!
    The Saturn was a Blockbuster rental system on clearance for $50. The 32X my mom got for me and I still feel bad about it because it was still expensive at the time and I only ended up getting the two games for it (not truly enjoying either). No Dreamcast for me because I was kind of late getting into that generation of systems and by the time I did it was already dead.

    Quote Originally Posted by maybee View Post

    Space Harrier/ Sonic CD

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    Well this'll take a while, let's see..

    Commodore 64: Pitfall
    ColecoVision: Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop (this one's kind of cheating, it's the only game I've played on ColecoVision
    Philips CD-i: Flashback
    Atari Lynx: Crystal Mines 2
    MSX2: Metal Gear

    Sega Master System: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Mega Drive/Genesis: Phantasy Star 4
    Dreamcast: Skies of Arcadia

    NES: Mega Man 2
    SNES: Secret of Mana
    N64: Super Mario 64
    Gamecube: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles
    Wii U: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Breath of the Wild came close)
    Switch: Zelda: Breath of the Wild (again, kind of cheating, I don't have one but I have played the Switch version of the game at my brother's place)
    Gameboy: Pokémon Blue
    Gameboy Color: Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
    Gameboy Advance: Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2
    DS: Radiant Historia
    3DS: Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Xbox: Halo
    Xbox 360: Lost Odyssey

    Playstation: Xenogears
    Playstation 2: Ar Tonelico 2
    Playstation 3: Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2
    Playstation Portable: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC (First Chapter)
    Playstation Vita: Zero no Kiseki - Evolution (probably because I haven't played its sequel yet)
    Playstation 4: Yakuza 0, for now. Bound to change at some point.

    PC: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (Second Chapter)

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    Today I learned Flashback had a CD-I release. How does it compare to the SCD version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rez09 View Post
    Today I learned Flashback had a CD-I release. How does it compare to the SCD version?
    Honestly wouldn't be able to say, only ever played the CD-i version and the sorta-recent remake, and i actually don't remember that much of the CD-i version either since it was aaages ago, but I do remember it being hands down the best game I had for the CD-i (admittedly, CD-i didn't exactly have an abundance of great games, but still).

    Apparently it's based on the Sega CD version at least, but with less impressive sound/voice work.

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