I am very sorry if I missed proper technical help subforum, but perhaps someone here would be knowledgable enough to help me or at least point me in the right direction...

Thing is, I have USB wifi dongle connected in my PCs front USB port (not enough ports in the back, those are filled with mouse, keyboard etc.) and it works great with one not major but definitely annoying problem.

About 90% of time when I start the computer, I have to plug the dongle out and back in so the computer recognizes it and starts the wifi. So to me personally it seems like the USB port probably most of the time does not power up until I plug something in when the computer is powered up I guess? I would be pretty sure about this if it were not for the rest 10% of time when it loads up on startup.

Anyone knows or has any ideas how to solve this? Like is there any for example BIOS setup where I can manually make the port permanently powered up so the wifi starts every time I simply start the PC?

Thanks for any ideas beforehand.