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Thread: No pain no gain trophy episode Gladiolus

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    I can't get an answer anywhere for this very simple question.

    On score attack mode on episode gladiolus, for the playstation 4 trophy "no pain no gain", to score 500,000 points on score attack - can you score the required amount of points and then quit off? And still earn the trophy? Or do you have to complete the entire thing, finishing with the required points?
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    I get the impression from the PSN Profiles guide that it must be finished. It doesn't explicitly say one way or another, but normally they provide tips for achieving trophies in the quickest most efficient way. In this case it would be quitting as soon as possible and there is no mention.

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    Nothing happen when you got your 500,000 points during the Score Attack Mode. You unluck the trophy only at the end, so I'm pretty sure you have to finish it.

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