WTF is up with this boss fight? I'm trying to get Eden for the first time and I've been trying to beat Ultima for the past couple days. This boss is ridiculous! I try to start off with summoning Cerberus like I usually do for hard bosses and he casts Light Pillar killing Cerberus instantly like he knew what I was trying to do. This boss gets multiple turns too like Ozma where he might do three physical attacks in a row and then Quake. I only managed to survive for about twenty minutes one time where for some reason he didn't move as fast and mainly used Quake and Meteor. I was able to set up with Cerberus and buffs. Regen is weak in this game. It's not super abusive like in IX.

Oooh, what should I do? I want Eden and wanted to go for Omega who I never beat either, but he's even harder.