Why the smurf

I mean

Do you guys realize how hard it is to find furniture nowadays that isn't polished to the point that it smurfing blinds you every time the sun rises? What is the deal? Why do people want their cabinets to look like Mr. Clean's shiny bald head? Is regular wood not good enough for you? Do your bathroom cabinets have to look like they're made of 24 karat gold and essence of donkey testicles so you can feel like Kim Smurfing Kardashian every time you go to take a dump???!!!

I don't like high gloss furniture. But, unfortunately for me, 90% of all furniture available in stores now are high-gloss. Needless to say, it's hard to find the thing I want at a reasonable price because of this.

Any other furniture trends that bother you guys?

EDIT: Also, if you like leather furniture, you are dead to me