Indeed I do. My first station went to crap after about a year and I had to replace it with the "slim". My PS2 went out about 2-3 years later and I had to get another slim. Now my PS2 slim has stopped spinning so I only have my PS1 left. Mind you, I have a fairly decent collection of PS1 games but my PS2 library was so much bigger. I've looked into getting a replacement but I never have the right funds when a good one turns up available.

(SPOILER)Something I learned early is that although PS2 was reverse-compatible with PS1 games, that didn't wholly translate if that PS1 game was allowing you to play games from older systems like NES, Sega, or Atari. For example, when I played PS1's Final Fantasy Chronicles (Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger) or Origins (1&2) or Anthology (V&VI), eventually I'd find a glitch which would not allow me to enter or leave a room, usually after having saved or loaded a game.

Now, I can only think about Final Fantasy VII... and the remake.