One of my first memories of this website, even before I joined, was browsing the front site and seeing the character bios featured of all the different games. I saw this description of Leon in FF2:

Despite the fact that he had a really crappy character named after him in FF8, Maria's brother is the coolest character in this game.
I just checked, and it's still there. First of all, how dare you, EoFF Staff member circa 2002.

(SPOILER)I randomly threw that number out there but it was definitely pre-2005. Who wrote those, by the way?

This is an outrage. Leon is awesome. But Squall is awesome. Squall going by the name of Leon in Kingdom Hearts is also awesome.

And before someone else says it: Whatever.

So if you had to choose, do you like Leon or Squall more? Or is there a third dark horse Leon I'm forgetting about?