The purpose of this thread is to share in our failures, or even things that weren't our fault, to build a sense of camaraderie and perhaps give some insight and a sense of comfort to new players who feel like they're not doing well at the game.

I remember the first time I tried The Aurum Vale. I was confused at the last boss, where you've got to eat the fruit to counter the poison effects. I was mistaken and thought they were simply buffs for poison resistance, so I ate them as soon as the battle started.

I explained to the group it was my first time in there. One guy wasn't having it, but I ended up getting rep at the end, so one of my silent partners must have felt bad for me. I brushed off the criticism because I knew it was just the first of many trips I would have in there, and it ended up having a silver lining.

Whenever someone's rude in XIV I never really take it personally. I just assume that person is miserable in every duty, or maybe they're having a really bad day. I'm playing to have fun and it's exciting when you eventually get to be that leader who runs new people through a dungeon.