So here I am, just posting on eoff and then this mothersmurfer comes in acting like he owns the place. Did you not see my thread count? Did you think you could just walk in here and take my top spot? Who do you think you are?!

So then of course, I had to take my spot back and make more threads.

SO I'm like, ahh, all is good in the world. And then I look over at this guy trying to creep up on my top spot. Who do these people think they are? Had to fix that and posted some more to retain my top spot.

I get weridly competitive about some of the most inane trout. I made it my mission to be ahead of my sister on the puzzle app Cookie Jam. It's always the most basic things that really don't matter that I take pride on being first in. It's never about important things that may benefit from me being competitive over.

What are you weirdly competitive about?