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Thread: What parts of the extended universe do you want in the remake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by KleinerKiller View Post
    Add more Genesis. Have him team up with Kadaj and then make them fuse for the true final boss fight. Don't just add Shelke in a cameo -- she should be a full mandatory party member. Lean into it, Squeenix. Let it all soak in.
    You're not thinking big enough. Add her as a love interest with an explicit sex scene.
    Also, make World of Final Fantasy and their Kingdom Hearts appearances canon. Just have it so they're all in Midgard or whatever, pootling along, and then WHAM! they get sucked through a portal into chibi world and you have to play through World of Final Fantasy for ten hours before you can get back to the main game. Then, a few hours later WHOOSH! and they're in Kingdom Hearts world for no reason.

    Serious answer: keep it simple, SE. A few minor inclusions from the Compilation etc. will probably be fine, but nobody seems to want huge swathes of the extended universe in the VII remake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    Oh yes. We need to add the "totally 30 years old even though she has a 10-year-old body, so you can fantasize all you want!" character that was such a necessary addition to the Compilation.
    Not as necessary as the guy who created a black hole in his mom's vagina when he was born.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    Oh yes. We need to add the "totally 30 years old even though she has a 10-year-old body, so you can fantasize all you want!" character that was such a necessary addition to the Compilation.
    Shelke is 19, get your facts straight, you Bisney Deast.

    FFVII part 1: Nothing because it is either only Midgar, Kalm Flashback or Junon Cargo Ship/Jenova Birth anyway
    FFVII part 2: CC (Aerith meeting Zack, Zack being the First Class SOLDIER, how Zack died in front of Midgar, Genesis, Banora, Modeoheim) and possibly BC references (other Turks, Jade WEAPON, etc), DoC (rumors of a secret soldier station, Tsviets, Project S and Project G, there were three super soldiers, Sephiroth and two others who apparently were his only friends were he acted like a normal human being, below Midgar and a 9th Mako Reactor in Midgar, Lucrecia inside of her crystal)
    FFVII part 3: DoC references (Hojo wanting to fuse with Omega thus injecting the Jenova cells, Hojo not wanting to die and become a god instead so virtualizing his consciousness and heading for Deepground), AC references (a dark wave inside of the lifestream in the very last scene or whatever)

    Nomura-san already said half a year ago the Compilation right now does not fit the way they have the Remake so far so it is either because the few rewrites Nojima-san makes also need to be made with the Compilation and have not been made so far or the first part just does not have the Compilation in it - and if then only very very marginaly like some documents or whatever - or, or, or ... the possibilities are endless.

    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotic View Post
    She was in World of Final Fantasy, I'm telling you they're doing it.
    Well, the director of World of FF is the director of Dirge of Cerberus. Hiroki Chiba.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf Leonhart View Post
    I think they'll definitely include more Crisis Core era references. There's definitely room in some Shinra archive somewhere to read up on Genesis.

    With Dirge of Cerberus you could say "well it hasn't happened yet in the timeline", but some of the characters in the game have been alive long enough to have existed in the original game's timeline.
    Then they have to rewrite the DoC stuff a bit because Genesis was one of the mysteries in DoC that was known through very little info as a man named "G" as one of Cid's men tells you and the most you find out is in the 3 G reports that mentions "project S(ephiroth) and project G(illian)".

    But I have no problem with DoC retconnings if Nojima-san wants to make some to flesh it all out.

    Oh, and they should play this when Vincent awakens his soul wrought of terra corrupted, Chaos, in a CG scene:
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    I would like Vincent and Yuffie to be made main characters. Have a forced encounter with Yuffie at some point, eventually leading to the Wutai side quest. Same for Vincent. Then have a brief line at the end like, "Vincent... Yuffie... get back to Midgar and get as many out of there as you can!" or something to explain their absence in the ending.

    Or just have them in the ending and to hell with Dirge of Cerberus. I'd be okay with that, too.

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