If someone at your job makes your schedule for you, what's the most time off you've gotten in a row? Not including vacation time or if you've been unemployed for a while.

I've been fortunate enough in recent years to have a loose schedule. I don't like having rigid hours of "come in at this time every day".

But along with the loose schedule comes the unknown of what the coming weeks look like. I generally work 5 days a week, but every once in a while I'll get an unexpected 3 days off instead of the standard 2.

Fortunately, I haven't had a job I disliked in a long time. I don't remember if I've ever gotten 4 days scheduled off in a row. It would probably feel great, but not so much on the wallet.

Sometimes I miss the arena gig I had that let me schedule my own hours. It sounds freeing, but because you want to get paid, you end up showing up all the time anyway.