I've recently started playing the Sims 3 again and I am HOOKED! Had a break from it for a while, but I used to play it religiously in the past. Gave it up for a while because I found it a bit hard to come back to it after 4, but now I'm back in full swing!

Made a chubby sim who's a total neurotic but also a very friendly and funny guy who loves swimming and computers and his lifelong dream is to become an international superspy. He's really fun and he has a ton of friends and Ayesha Ansari, this cool Indian-ish tomboy is his fiance and they'll be getting married soon! I mean, as soon as I've thrown the most epic bachelor party ever! I'll post pics when I get my Internet at home.

I'm playing in Sunset Valley for the first time in years and I managed to forget what a nice little town it was. It always felt way too vanilla too me after the more extravagant towns from the expansions and the sim store, but I'm really enjoying it right now! It's perfect for all seasons and comes with quite a lot of empty lots which I had a ton of fun filling up with all those fancy homes and community lots from the expansions and DLC. I even created this nice little cul de sac that has all the nicest homes that came with Generations and it just looks so lovely and suburban that I can't wait to get my sims there once they have enough cash!

I also totally want to finally raise an alien baby. Gazing through the telescope every night and keeping my fingers crossed!

Feel free to use this thread to share all your Sims experiences! Whether you're playing 3, 4, 2, 1, or any of the console releases, let's share stories and experiences! It's been a while and these threads are always great. (Remember that one time I created Conchita Wurst? That was fun.)