September 17, 2002 is the release date for Kingdom Hearts in North America.

It's September 21, 2017. We passed the 15th anniversary officially.

The official SE Kingdom Hearts twitter? Hasn't been active since August 16th, 2017.

So one of their big series has its 15th anniversary. Now it was released earlier in JP of course but it's a mix of Disney and FF. Disney, an American company that has major roots in american society. You'd think they could at least post something about it. They had released a special anniversary version of the remasters earlier this year, you think they could at least put a "Happy birthday! get this now!" or something.

Their facebook has a post on Sept 18th but it's a random thing about their mobile game (KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] it's about an invasion event going on in it) but again they didn't have anything since Aug 16th.

I know KH isn't their big flagship FF. But come on. The western markets use FB and Twitter a lot. The lack of support for existing games and cult favorites concerns me.

Staff interactions spoiler:
Back when Lightning Returns was coming out we actually had contact with SE's PR. They were trying to push to work with fans and fansites. I remember there was a DA art event even. They were actually interacting with western fans in lots of ways.

Now, we don't hear a peep out of SE and of all the connections I have with other fansties, they don't hear anything from them either. They've gone mums the word in the PR department.

I know they have a lot of other series now and so they can't just focus on KH or anything but a 15th anniversary is kind of a big deal.

I dunno I just feel they tried to connect with western fans but it didn't produce results RIGHT AWAY so they just pulled completely back and don't care about the western market.

I wanted to grumble when I noticed the KH thing and thought you guys may understand my complaints and wanted to know your thoughts too.