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Thread: It's all about the foundation.

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    Colbert It's all about the foundation.

    Choose from the whole franchise four individual entries (no grouping series by sets like the Compilation or Ivalice Alliance) that you feel should serve as the foundation for the series. Then choose one entry that the series shouldn't use. Please try to give an explanation as to why as well, otherwise this would be boring if it was too general.

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    The four pillars:
    -FFIV - the overall pacing is just perfect and it's definitely the most balanced entry in the series
    -FFV - job system - need I say more?
    -FFVI - large cast, tons of unique abilities, the openness, and the unique tone is something that really isn't done in games nowadays
    -FFXII - the battle system and the open world were definitely a step in a direction I enjoyed!

    D.O.N.T. (acronym for "dooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnn't!!!"

    - FFX - the linearity and severe melodrama are not a direction I liked. Of course, there's one game in the mainline that did it worse, but if we cut out the source, there's no risk of that happening ever again.

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    Four games for the foundation of the series:
    - FFVI - The best game for me, and the most balanced one. Amazing story, characters, music and gameplay.
    - FFIV - Another very balanced one with a wonwerful cast and story.
    - FFXII - First open world and the job system is seriously one of my favorite one.
    - FFXV - For the amazing voice acting, the soundtrack and the depth of its characters.

    - FFVIII: The cast is in general quite flat for me, I never connected with them. I also don't like the Jonction System.

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    Adding a little bit of oil to your foundation really works wonders. You are far less likely to suffer from 'caking' this way. Some fools add water to their foundation but all that does is thin down the formula. Use your head, people. Use oil. Just three drops, mix it with the foundation in the palm of your hand then apply with a beauty blender.

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