So pretty recently I've beaten Persona 1 and later looked up some stuff on it on the Internet, as you do. I found this neat little website where two guys marathoned a bunch of RPGs and among those was Persona 1. They hated it - and that's putting it lightly Though I enjoyed the game this time, I can certainly see where they're coming from as it definitely has its fair share of flaws that prevented me from enjoying it before.

But the one thing it didn't have is one thing one of the guys took serious issue with - that, apparently, the message of the game is "sick/disabled people just aren't trying hard enough". Which is seriously reaching. Yes, the plot revolves around a sick person and the main conflict has to do with what goes on in her psyche, but she's never demonized for it by the game. If anything, it's about how she got manipulated by someone which only made her sicker, and then she got better because someone was able to help her weed out the actual cause. Nowhere in the game did anyone tell her she wasn't trying hard enough - I mean, I think she said it herself but of course, this being Persona, her friends told her she shouldn't beat herself up for it and that she did the best she could in the troutty circumstances she was in.

But what the hey, people are entitled to their opinions

So have you ever heard of other video game opinions that so completely missed the point the game was trying to make? Or maybe you yourself have done it in the past but later saw the error of your ways?