GameStop was selling this new on clearance online, so it ended up being the first Wii U game in my "topping off" collection. I was concerned going in since I haven't played Xenoblade Chronicles yet (or any Xeno- games besides -gears a little bit), but was reassured that it wasn't necessary to understand the story. So far true.

After I had begun I was also informed that the game doesn't do a good job at telling you how to do things, apparently despite the tutorial heavy beginning. However I feel I caught on fairly well on my own, but was also given some pointers from my fellow Backloggers. Still I don't feel super confident.

If there are any veterans that can give me tips while I play through this it would be great.

Right now I'm just about to begin Chapter 4 with these stats:

Lv. 13 Interceptor
Rank 3 Samurai Gunner

Missables for 100% always make me paranoid. I already know about the BLADE Report achievements that will disappear when Miiverse does. Anything else?

Party management, upgrading, and general online use have me a bit overwhelmed as well.

I wish it was as easy to take screenshots on the Wii U as it is on PS4 and Switch.