So as many of you know either by keeping up with the news or just listening to fans here and on other sites bitch and moan about it, FFXV has a quite a bit of story DLC released and coming up in the next year or so in order to flesh out (some would say "fix") the plot and world of FFXV. My question here is simple, have you been playing all these special character Episodes and patches for some of the chapters now, or are you like me, and waiting for it all to be released before taking the dive and seeing FFXV Complete?

Frankly I feel waiting is the best approach because then I can check out the game a director's cut instead of spending every few months thinking to myself "why the hell wasn't this here to begin with?" which I probably will anyway but I feel it will be less aggravating to take that pill in one go instead of dragging it out for a year.