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Thread: Soul Calibur 6

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    Default Soul Calibur 6

    As many complaints as I have against Tekken 7 (and there are several), the core game play is the best it's been in a while for me.

    So if they can make the new Soul Calibur as good game play wise, I'm pretty interested.

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    It caught a squee from my girlfriend. I've played and owned every Soul * game since the PS1 release, and I gave up on them after the last two flops, and this has even me cautiously optimistic and interested. Especially since last I heard, they were languishing in development purgatory due to how sexualized or not the team wanted to make the characters. Looks like they're going back to their roots. Sophitia's back and Mitsurugi doesn't look like he's in his 70s

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    There's an interview and gameplay video out as well. If they can live up to their dream, and return the series to what it was in earlier entries, I will be so happy. This is one of the games my dad and I used to play to hang out, and I miss it greatly. Will be nice to have new one. That it's coming to the PC is also interesting.

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