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    If FFVIII ever got a remake/sequel/movie or whatever, with voice actors, what would you picture each character to sound like?

    Squall - A bit like a more depressed/emo version of Noctis
    Rinoa - I picture her to be British for some reason
    Zell - A bit like a more aggressive and manlier Prompto
    Quistis - Well spoken, probably like the scientist woman from dirge of cerberus
    Selphie - A bit like Rikku
    Irvine - Hardest one to call. Maybe a bit redneck sounding like Cid VII, but at the same time, much younger sounding?

    Then some of the others:

    Seifer - A bit like a less exaggerated Seymour
    Edea - Just as you'd expect her to sound, well mannered, calm, but sinister (during the time she's possessed), but drop the sinister when she becomes good again
    Laguna - Like a more mature Tidus. Deeper voice, but similar naiive delivery
    Kiros - Balthier-esque? But maybe not as exaggerated
    Ward - (when he talks) Probably like that fat guy from X-2, one of Lebanc's bodyguards. But a more dignified version of him
    Cid - Robin Williams-esque. It would have to be done.
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