So it's been long overdue but I've finally started this little beauty on my Vita. I'm just using this thread to post my impressions, thoughts, gripes every now and again whilst I plough through. Feel free to join in the discussion/tell me how wrong I am about everything.

I've just arrived at Gukelukepooky's Grotto or whatever it's called. My team are all around level 12-13 at the minute. I've spent a decent amount of time getting a load of blue magic for Quina so hopefully those levels are high enough to be getting on with.

I've tried to avoid spoilers for the game as much as possible but 5 years on a Final Fantasy site means I have a decent amount of knowledge on the game. I've been stealing A LOT with Zidane which is pretty boring but I know it reaps rewards. It's not much different to drawing magic in FFVIII, I suppose.

I managed to impress all 100 nobles after about an hour of trying which I thought was pretty decent. I sucked big, fat, hairy balls at the skipping though. I think I got to about 40 before I thought "smurf this". I've also noped out of the card game, Tantra Master. It just seems like a more complicated version of Triple Triad so I've just not bothered after my first couple of games. I did enjoy chocobo-digging though. It was nice picking up items without stealing for a change. Plus, I found a few of those chocographs and one of them gave me a big haul of elixirs!

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. The story has me intrigued and it's nice to have job classes again. What do I think of the characters so far? Well...

Zidane - I'm not sure yet. He's a bit of a creep. Demanding dates from Garnet left-right and centre. How about you let her make her own choice, slick?
Garnet/Dagger - I'm warming to her. I initially thought she was standard-fare princess but her attempts at blending in with the common folk have been endearing.
Vivi - I just want to give him a big cuddle. He's vulnerable and unsure of himself but he's also a badass black mage wreaking destruction on enemies. My favourite so far.
Steiner - I'm losing my patience with him a little. I liked him at first but he's far too overprotective of Garnet.
Freya - Too soon to tell. She hasn't been in my party long. Plus, I'm still sore that she beat me in the Festival of the Hunt. Oh yeah, I sucked at that too
Quina - I think she's (I know she's genderless but get a feminine vibe) great Again, she hasn't been in my party long but she's very likeable so far.