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Thread: FFVII Riddle Time!

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    Default FFVII Riddle Time!

    These have been done before and have been a lot of fun. Let's get another round of FF7 riddles going.

    1) Only one riddle can be solved at a time.

    2) One guess per post.

    3) Giving hints is optional.

    4) Only Final Fantasy VII. No riddles about Crisis Core, Advent Children etc.

    5) Whoever solves the riddle gets to post their own.

    6) If the solver refuses to post a new riddle, the riddler can select another person to go, or leave it up to the next person who posts.

    I'll begin with an easy one

    Flowers tramped underfoot, accomplice impolite
    A task at hand and a ruler slain, eyes black as night
    Uncovered in a mine on the way to the sea
    Pugilism is the way for me

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    #1 Akechi Stan

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    Nice Jinx! You're correct, its our dude Rude


    Floor is all yours.

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    Alright Jinx, we'll give you another day on your riddle then open it up to whoever would like to post one.

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