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Thread: The FFVII Mobile Game Initiative (2004-2008 Era)

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    Default The FFVII Mobile Game Initiative (2004-2008 Era)

    This thread concerns the hunt for- and hopefully the acquisition of these mobile games and apps from the years 2004-2008. I wish to raise awareness of these games that risk becoming entirely lost, if they haven't already.

    To ease the search, I have a list of the known compatible phones for each title. Hopefully somebody reading this will find an old phone with any of these games on it.

    Verizon Wireless phone series:
    - Audiovox 8940
    - LG VX8000
    - LG VX8100
    - Samsung A890

    - Amp'd Mobile
    *Disclaimer: Lost Episode's compatibility across Amp'd Mobile phones are not 100% confirmed but all listed phones are deemed "likely compatible".
    -- Kyocera KX18 "Jet"
    -- Kyocera KX18 "Angel"
    -- Motorola E816 "Hollywood"
    -- Motorola Razr Amp'd Edition "MOTORAZR"
    -- Motorola Q Amp'd Edition "MOTO Q"

    - Verizon Wireless phone series:
    -- Audiovox 8940
    -- Audiovox 8945
    -- LG VX8000
    -- LG VX8100
    -- LG VX8300
    -- LG VX8500 Chocolate
    -- LG VX9800 The V
    -- Motorola E815
    -- Motorola K1M KRZR
    -- Motorola L7 SLVR
    -- Motorola V3C RAZR
    -- Motorola V3M RAZR
    -- Samsung A890
    -- Samsung A930
    -- Samsung A950
    -- Samsung A970

    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA P903i (Game pre-installed, incomplete version)
    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA P903iX HIGH-SPEED (Game pre-installed, incomplete version)
    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA P904i
    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA N904i

    - NTT Docomo FOMA 902i, 703i series or later

    - D901i
    - D902i
    - F901iC
    - F901iS
    - F902i
    - N900i
    - N900iS
    - N901iC
    - N901iS
    - N902i
    - P900i
    - P900iV
    - P901i
    - P901iS
    - P902i
    - SH900i
    - SH901iC
    - SH901iS
    - SH902i
    - P-01A
    - N-02A

    - 920SH
    - 921SH
    - 922SH
    - 923SH

    (No specified models currently found)

    MISC. APP: Animated Cloud, Tifa & Aerith Avatars
    Included with the NTT DoCoMo FOMA P900iV were three "Chara-den" facetime avatars from Final Fantasy VII, each with nine expressions. While recordings of these Chara-den animations have been found, the ultimate goal is to find the actual files for these avatars.

    I keep my research thread over at TheLifestream.Net, where other Final Fantasy VII enthusiasts reside.

    Any contributions, be it knowledge or game files, are appreciated. =)

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    Editing the Thread to make it an overall Compilation thread would not be the worst idea. Then we could mention stuff like On the Way to a Smile, Lateral Turks The Kids are Alright, et cetera as well.

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    The purpose of this thread is to highlight the lost, old mobile games specifically, so I would not approve of it being edited into a general Compilation thread.

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    The service "Final Fantasy Mobile", which provides the Japanese versions of these games, is set to end on March 31, 2018.

    - Official Square Enix Announcement

    New memberships to Final Fantasy Mobile will stop being accepted after midnight February 28, 2018.

    If anybody here knows a person in Japan who would be willing to aid in a preservation effort, please contact me. Soon we will be completely and utterly too late.

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    The Japanese mobile games are no longer distributed officially but the hunt continues for obscure FF7 media.

    I have made posts about the search on reddit, facebook and on Twitter. It would be greatly appreciated if anybody shared any of these posts on social media, so to increase the chances that the right people end up finding my posts.

    - Reddit post
    - Twitter post
    - Facebook account

    A person in particular that I am looking for, who may hold a part of the English version of Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode, as well as lost DoC Multiplayer media is "Shinra Employee #080729". I've tried finding this person and contacting them via their old mail address, but no luck. Any help in finding this person is also appreciated.

    - Shinra Employee #080729's archived profile

    Surprising how easy it is for people to disappear from the web without a trace.

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    Well this is fascinating. Wish I could help

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