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Thread: Your Thoughts on the Story of Final Fantasy VII

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    Default Your Thoughts on the Story of Final Fantasy VII

    I wanted to make a topic dedicated to this to follow up the conversation in the FFVII Remake vs. Nostalgia thread. Lots of opinions being presented as facts, especiallypeople assigning their opinion onto the opinions of others.

    The nostalgia card was of course played because I guess none of us played FFVII around the same time as VIII, IX or X. The difference of one or two years really made us stupid and vulnerable to VII's terribleness.

    Well, having played all those games around the same time, and having since played every other FF numbered game except 1 and the MMO's, I still say FFVII's plot holds up. Cloud is a character totally unlike every other FF Main Protagonist, delving far more into his psychology than any other game dared to do. The themes of the game are strong and consistent throughout and I smurfin' dare any of the haters to point out any othef FF game with such apt real world commentary because it doesn't exist. Your magics and airships mean nothing without substance and FFVII is all about corporate greed, rampant capitalism, the erosion of the environment and culture.... FF at best usually deals with very high-minded, abstract ideas. Which is fine - FFIX's examination of mortality is fantastic. But it still doesn't change the fact there's nothing like VII in the Final Fantasy series.

    So yeah. FFVII? Good plot, good game. That's my piece and I'm mainly making this thread for the poll. I want to see if it's all "nostalgia." If we "really think the plot is trout but we like it anyway."


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