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Thread: Favorite Magic: The Gathering cards, based on flavor

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    Default Favorite Magic: The Gathering cards, based on flavor

    Sometimes magic cards are great because they are counter spells you can cast from your hand for free by discarding another card. Sometimes they are great because someone thought 3 colored mana on turn 1 was a good idea. And sometimes they are great because of their flavor -- be it how their text and name match up, their art, or even just what they are based on. What are some of your favorites in this last category?

    Some of my favorites:

    You know what happens when you kill Atlas? Board wipes happen when you kill Atlas. Pro-tip: Don't kill Atlas.

    Yeeeeep, killing their biggest creature in front of all the little ones certainly should have that effect.

    Ohhhh, I so love the idea of this one -- a giant, cosmic horror frozen deep under the ice, just waiting to break free. >: 3 The concept was sort of revisited recently with The Thing in the Ice, but I do tend to like this one more, based solely on the scale of the thing under there.

    Big goblin in a little caaaaar~ At least, I think it is a car, but since it doesn't have back wheels I'm not even sure -- it could just be a goblin running at full speed and jumping every now and then to give it that illusion, which seems like a very goblin thing to do. But the art's not the best part, no -- the best part is the echo cost. This thing flies in and hits something, then immediately falls apart the next turn unless you pay mana to keep it together. Goblin construction at its finest. Along similar lines . . .

    I love that these guys always have the right idea, they just can't seem to get inner workings correct. They need to kill something, they make a bomb! A big bomb! And does said bomb work? Uhhhh . . . kinda. Sometimes. If you get lucky.

    But, yeah, I'm pretty new to Magic so there are tooooooooooooooons of cards I'm not familiar with, so share some of your favorites based on flavor! I'd love to see what other people have found.

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    Been a LONG time since I've played.


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    Does this count?
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    Bork Bork

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    The entire Unhinged set is fantastic, tbh!

    Although, as someone who always tended to play Human/Angel decks (even if they are garbage 90% of the time, apart from the Innistrad/Return to Ravnica golden age) because I love the theme - this card is like my favourite of all time:

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    Been a while since I checked the forums and suddenly there's an MTG thread? I AM SO HYPED

    My favourite card of everything so far:


    It's a thing in the ice, little do these sailors know what they are bringing in. I love the art. I love the flavour! I love bouncing everything and smashing in with a 7/8. Such an epic card!

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