This desveres a separate thread, as it's used in the vanilla version of FFIX.
FF9 Sound Mod major update:

EMR Vanilla Sound Mod Version 3.1:

New server, less hassle.

Botched sounds still exist in the PS4 version.

Fixed Ramuh - Non-Boost Version sfx.
There is an issue with Amarant's physical attack sfx, not only is it used by the enemy as well, but it also has a mandatory, random pitch which makes it sound either lower, or higher for either enemy or Amarant. Currently I cannot oversee this effect; if there comes a way to stop this effect, there'll be an update.

Enemy Fixes:
Ogre: "Entry/Die"
Ash: "Entry/Die"
Mistodon: "Entry/Die"
Lamia: "Die"
Silver Dragon: "Die"
Plant Brain: "Die"
Abadon: "Die"
Lizardman: "Entry/Die"
Vice & Magic Vice: "Entry/Die"
Meltigemini: "Die"
Maliris: "Die"
Skeleton: "Entry"

Weapons sfx including: Zidane, Steiner, Blank, Marcus & Beatrix.
[Jump-Spear/Trance-Spear], [Thunder Slash], [Stock Break], [Climhazzard], [Shock] already fixed since version 1.1.

The game engine layers some weapon sfx over each other to present a sword slash sfx. In this matter, Zidane's thief sword attack will play Steiner's Sword slash sfx. Much the reflected magic, these parameters are not editable currently. I don't like the engine doing this, because it interferes with the proper sfxs like Zidane's thief sword.
I could "silence" the sword slash, but in that scenario, Steiner's sword slash will be blank and play nothing, whilst allowing Zidane's theif sword to play without the layer.
Nevertheless, Zidane's theif sword sfx is fixed.
Beatrix is the same; it's layered with Zidane's Thief Sword Slash. Again, if I were to silence the thief sword sfx, well, y'know that wouldn't work out.

Eidolon Summons including Leviathan and Atomos and Ramuh. (Boost)
Now includes vanilla resources.assets with fixed, missing enemy death sfxs.