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Thread: The FFVII Mobile Game Initiative (2004-2008 Era)

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    Default The FFVII Mobile Game Initiative (2004-2008 Era)

    This thread concerns the hunt for- and hopefully the acquisition of these mobile games and apps from the years 2004-2008. I wish to raise awareness of these games that risk becoming entirely lost, if they haven't already.

    To ease the search, I have a list of the known compatible phones for each title. Hopefully somebody reading this will find an old phone with any of these games on it.

    Verizon Wireless phone series:
    - Audiovox 8940
    - LG VX8000
    - LG VX8100
    - Samsung A890

    - Amp'd Mobile
    *Disclaimer: Lost Episode's compatibility across Amp'd Mobile phones are not 100% confirmed but all listed phones are deemed "likely compatible".
    -- Kyocera KX18 "Jet"
    -- Kyocera KX18 "Angel"
    -- Motorola E816 "Hollywood"
    -- Motorola Razr Amp'd Edition "MOTORAZR"
    -- Motorola Q Amp'd Edition "MOTO Q"

    - Verizon Wireless phone series:
    -- Audiovox 8940
    -- Audiovox 8945
    -- LG VX8000
    -- LG VX8100
    -- LG VX8300
    -- LG VX8500 Chocolate
    -- LG VX9800 The V
    -- Motorola E815
    -- Motorola K1M KRZR
    -- Motorola L7 SLVR
    -- Motorola V3C RAZR
    -- Motorola V3M RAZR
    -- Samsung A890
    -- Samsung A930
    -- Samsung A950
    -- Samsung A970

    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA P903i (Game pre-installed, incomplete version)
    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA P903iX HIGH-SPEED (Game pre-installed, incomplete version)
    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA P904i
    - NTT DoCoMo FOMA N904i

    - NTT Docomo FOMA 902i, 703i series or later

    - D901i
    - D902i
    - F901iC
    - F901iS
    - F902i
    - N900i
    - N900iS
    - N901iC
    - N901iS
    - N902i
    - P900i
    - P900iV
    - P901i
    - P901iS
    - P902i
    - SH900i
    - SH901iC
    - SH901iS
    - SH902i
    - P-01A
    - N-02A

    - 920SH
    - 921SH
    - 922SH
    - 923SH

    (No specified models currently found)

    MISC. APP: Animated Cloud, Tifa & Aerith Avatars
    Included with the NTT DoCoMo FOMA P900iV were three "Chara-den" facetime avatars from Final Fantasy VII, each with nine expressions. While recordings of these Chara-den animations have been found, the ultimate goal is to find the actual files for these avatars.

    I keep my research thread over at TheLifestream.Net, where other Final Fantasy VII enthusiasts reside.

    Any contributions, be it knowledge or game files, are appreciated. =)

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    Editing the Thread to make it an overall Compilation thread would not be the worst idea. Then we could mention stuff like On the Way to a Smile, Lateral Turks The Kids are Alright, et cetera as well.

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    The purpose of this thread is to highlight the lost, old mobile games specifically, so I would not approve of it being edited into a general Compilation thread.

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    The service "Final Fantasy Mobile", which provides the Japanese versions of these games, is set to end on March 31, 2018.

    - Official Square Enix Announcement

    New memberships to Final Fantasy Mobile will stop being accepted after midnight February 28, 2018.

    If anybody here knows a person in Japan who would be willing to aid in a preservation effort, please contact me. Soon we will be completely and utterly too late.

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