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Thread: Rank the Character (FFIV Edition)

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    Default Rank the Character (FFIV Edition)

    Had this thread a few years back, figured it was time to do it again. All playable characters count so rank them from least favorite to you absolute favorite.

    Cast Includes:


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    FFXIV Character

    Galuf Luna (Sargatanas)


    FuSoYa. We dont get much interaction from him.
    Yang. Used to be a better character but I found him quite boring on later playthroughs
    I was gonna put Cid here but he isnt on the list
    tellah.hes alright. trout amount MP though (I know its so he isnt OP)
    palom&porom. You canny just have one over the other although I slightly prefer the girl.
    Rosa. Shes alright. Good in battle though
    Edward. Yup he used to be the second worst character ever. Until in the gba version I discovered he is the best person ever for the final dungeon.
    Edge. Honestly I have no reason why he is here I just like him. And he can solo behemoths.
    Kain. Dragoons are the best so...
    Rydia. I dunno bout this one either. But being a black summoner definatly helps
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    From least to favorite:
    FuSoya - We don't have much interactions with him
    Tellah - He doesn't have enough MPs, and he's okay but not that great.
    Yang - He's badass and he's great but I have to choose.
    Edward - He's sweet, and I love his tragic story.
    Rosa - She's very kind to everyone and very useful.
    Porom - She's so cute and funny and brave.
    Palom - Just like Porom, he's very cute, funny and brave, but I prefer him a little bit.
    Cecil - One of my favorite FF main character. He's very brave and he's so sweet to everyone.
    Edge - He's very badass and strong, and I also love his personality. He's very emotional, and it's quite different from many other characters.
    Rydia - I just love her story arc so much, and I love the fact that she's a summoner and does black magic. I miss that in the other games.
    Kain - My fave, he's just so badass, and so "human". It's easy to see ourself in him, at least a little. I really love his story arc too.

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    Palom - I don't like either of the twins, nor do I like Twincast.
    Porom - See above.
    FuSoYa - Glorious hairline and spell list; not much else.
    Edward - I like the wandering prince-bard idea, and the waterhag fight.
    Yang - I love his map sprite, and I hit him with a frying pan. <3
    Kain - He's a solid fighter, and that's all I really need from him.
    Rosa - I like her and Cecil as a couple, and she's pretty determined to follow you wherever you go. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
    Rydia - One of my favorite summoners in the series.
    Tellah - I love cranky old people that hit people with sticks.
    Cecil - He's kind of bland, but I like him all the same, and he's one of the most reliable members of the party combatwise.
    Cid - Cid-KO2.gif
    Edge - Ninjas are traditionally my favorite class in the series, and Edge is a decent enough throw machine. That can steal. And has elemental magic because. I also appreciate the story bit with his parents, even if I don't think it has the weight it should for whatever reason. Oh, and the airship repair scene where he starts flirting with Rydia and Cid drags him away is probably my favorite in the game.

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