Ever watched a movie that felt like you were watching someone taking your life and just projecting it up there for all the world to see?

Earlier this year I watched the film High Fidelity, a movie highly recommended to me especially because I love John Cusack. I had tried to watch it before but could never really make it through because this film is a bit gut wrenching for me cause it feels like I'm reliving my entire romantic life. I even like making people tell me their "top something" lists and I still make mix tapes for people. So I finally sat down and watched it this year since I've owned the movie for years and it hit me pretty close to home. Great flick but a bit too heavy for me cause my own life feels a bit too similar though I wish I worked in an old vinyl record store.

Do you have any films that hit close to home, or have a moment that just reminds you too much of something that happened to you in your life?