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Thread: Which jobs did you assign to who, and why?

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    Default Which jobs did you assign to who, and why?

    Question is in the title!

    I'm just about to start this bad boy off and interested to see what others rolled with.

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    I actually just started my own playthrough. I'm not terribly far into it but so far Vaan is the Shikari (Ninja) class and Penelo is a White Mage.

    My choices for starting jobs for the rest of the party will be:

    Balthier - Machinist
    Fran - Red Battlemage
    Basch - Knight
    Ashe - Time Battlemage

    My secondary classes for each will be:

    Vaan - Monk
    Penelo - Black Mage
    Balthier - Ulhan
    Fran - Archer
    Basch - Foebreaker
    Ashe - Bushi

    I'm still debating about the secondary though, hell I may switch Fran's classes.

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    Here's mine:

    Balthier: White Mage / Machinist
    Fran: Red Battlemage / Archer
    Basch: Knight / Bushi

    Ashe: Foebreaker / Uhlan
    Vaan: Monk / Shikari
    Penelo: Time Battlemage / Black Mage

    That works really well and I really enjoyed my playthrough, but maybe I'll make some changes next time, just to try something else.

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    I went with:

    Vaan: Time Battlemage + Monk
    Balthier: Machinist + Uhlan
    Fran: Red Battlemage + Black Mage
    Basch: Knight + Bushi
    Ashe: Foebreaker + Archer
    Penelo: Shikari + White Mage

    Basch and Penelo ended up being the total MVPs, Shikari + White Mage is basically adding the passive role of tank to the active role of healer and works beautifully, even kept the Main Gauche (a dagger you get in Jahara) equipped until the end of the game. And as for Basch, Knights are already damn good on their own and Bushi gives them extra speed, magic power for their White Magicks, and the insane Excalibur + White Robes combo which completely tears through any postgame enemies that don't absorb or nullify Holy.

    And the others were kinda there too I guess. Balthier was a good secondary damage dealer and flying enemy shredder, and Ashe had the absurd power spike of the early Vrscika which made her main damage dealer for a long time. Rarely ended up really using Vaan or Fran interestingly enough, despite how powerful black magic really is in this game.

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    It's been a while since I played, stopped right before the Stillshrine of Miriam. These are from memory since I might've done a few more double classes.

    Vaan: Monk
    Penelo: White Mage
    Balthier: Shikari/Archer
    Fran: Time Battlemage
    Basch: Knight/Foebreaker
    Ashe: Black Mage/Bushi

    It's been a blast so far. The only choice I really regret is making Fran a Time Mage without giving her anything beefier; the time magicks currently available make her useful in certain situations, but this version's easier difficulty makes her feel superfluous; I can brute force my way through most fights, save for some of the tougher marks. Might look at the classes I have left over to see if I can make her a bit more fun to use.

    I really enjoy the animations for Monk!Vaan. He likes to do tricks with his weapons and it feels very in character. He's also super evasive, and has a pretty great consistency for attacking with multiple hits. I believe Balthier has the highest growth rate for speed, which is why I gave him the speed based weapons. Ashe I've always enjoyed giving her Katanas due to her magic ATK and so on.
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