In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal concerning Squenix's interest in developing games for the Nintendo Switch, company President Yosuke Matsuda mentioned that not only is the company interested in working on the Switch, but will be focusing more on Mid-Sized titles that the new system is designed for. This is not to say the company is going to ignore AAA titles at all, but Matsuda believes that Mid-Sized titles are where he company excels at and will focus on that for the immediate future. While he does not mention any examples of what exactly a "Mid-Sized" title is, fans and analyst assume titles like the Bravely Default series, their high end mobile titles like Brave Exivus and FF Dimensions, as well as titles like I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. There is also a possibility this could refer to more niche audiences like the recent SaGa and Mana titles in development.

One game actually mentioned was "Left Alive", a third person shooter spin-off of the Front Mission series which looks pretty impressive but Matsuda has mentioned that while he would love for the game to develop into a AAA title, the game is closer to this Mid-Size title with a focus on more niche hardcore fans.

In the past decade, SE's in-house developers have struggled with larger AAA titles due to ballooning costs, delays, and premature release of unfinished content. While this has not affected their second party western developer titles, it has been a bit concerning for fans and the company itself that their larger projects have failed to live up to fan expectations. Perhaps Dragon Quest XI, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy VII Remake will change that for them, but for now it seems like SE may be approaching future titles more cautiously.