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Thread: So much stuff to find in this game

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    Default So much stuff to find in this game

    I decided to replay IX out of boredom today, and I discovered Hippaul’s hidden treasure for the first time. I always just thought the random cards you found lying around the ground were what he was talking about. I felt bad for stealing them though after talking to him.

    Anyways, it got me thinking again about just how much optional random stuff there is to find and do all throughout the game. What are some of your favorite moments/npcs/side quests in this game.

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    Without a shred of doubt, when Eiko and Dagger brought Alexander into the picture whith Bahamut dodging Alexander's attacks. I'm a fairly religious guy, so seeing Alex spread his wings was really cool to me.

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    For me it was the friendly monsters and trying to find them all although I never did beat Ozma nor get the Chocobo Hot & Cold game finished, I also enjoyed looking for all the Stellazio coins. I'm working on that as of now on the PS4 version.
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    Chocobo hot and cold, I remember spending hours doing this side quest
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