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Thread: Dissidia NT News: Noctis and FFVIII's Stage finally shown.

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    Dancing Chocobo Dissidia NT News: Noctis and FFVIII's Stage finally shown.

    Dissidia NT is almost here. The arcade title will be hitting the West next year and players will finally get to beat the brains out of their least favorite FF characters with their faves. Noctis was confirmed for the console release a while back but it was only recently that SE has released a video showing off his moves.

    Another video released shows off the FFVIII Stage and it's already taking some fans by surprise. Titled "Promised Place", the stage is the barren Time Compression wasteland Squall finds himself in the game's ending. Like all stages, there is a second form, in which the barren field transforms into the field of flowers by Edea's Orphanage that Squall and Rinoa promised to meet after the fateful battle with Ultimecia.

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    The Final Fantasy VIII stage is so beautiful ! Hopefully that this is a hint that we also get Rinoa playable too ?

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