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Thread: When the storylines split at chapter 13

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    Default When the storylines split at chapter 13

    Square added a patch to chapter 13 which lets you follow one of two storylines. When Noctis gets separated from Gladio and Ignis, you can either go through chapter 13 as Noctis for a few hours or follow the alternative path of Gladio for roughly a half hour.

    I thought this was a throwback to FF6 ala Kefka's Tower where you can switch between the parties to progress, so I chose the Gladio path and then realized you can't switch paths. Oops.

    Was just curious if anyone else did this, too?

    I only found out after the fact that if you go through the Noctis path you can still access the Gladio path via the title menu later, but choosing the Gladio path makes you skip the Noctis path entirely until they converge again.

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    The two first time I played the game, the patch wasn't there, so I played the patch for the first time only via the menu. Then, with my other playthroughs, I always play with Noctis' path and play Gladio's one via the menu to have both.

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