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Thread: What traits of past FF games did you see in this game?

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    Default What traits of past FF games did you see in this game?

    I saw a lot of Final Fantasy VIII while I was playing this. I really liked having magic draw points on the world map again, and being able to stack magic. Plus the modern aesthetic and the trains felt very reminiscent.

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    There are many common points with FFVI. The evil Empire who works with Magitek, the World of Ruins, Kefka and Ardyn share a similar role to the Empire at first. There is a particular scene I really love in both game: in FFVI, Gestahl talks in front of the Empire's citizens, and behind him, there are Celes, Leo and Kefka who aclaims him. Two of these characters turn their back to the Empire. in FFXV, Iedolas talks of his plan in front of Niflheim's citizens, Ardyn is not there, but you still have Aranea, Ravus, Verstael and Caligo. Again, two of these characters again betray the Empire. I really love that parralel!

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