It took twenty to twenty five years for SE to remember they had made a whole bunch of really cool games back in the 90s. Mana is getting a remake revival, SaGa games are finally leaving their home shores for the rest of the world, and while Xeno has been getting some minor shout outs here and there, it's also finally getting a concert to celebrate it's 20th anniversary.

Yasunori Mitsuda had tweeted he had another big project likely to be announced later this year, and a concert for cult hit Xenogears would be a pretty big project considering how long the IP has remained dormant at SE.

The concert is Japan only, but ticket buyers can purchase a Solaris Ticket which comes with a free Music Box (likely to have Distant Promise as the song) and the concert will see Yasunori Mitsuda as head of production. The concert will be performed by the Ahnenerbe Orchestra –Xenogears Concert Special Band & Orchestra and will feature Joanne Hogg (vocalist for Xenogears and several other Mitsuda games) and ANÚNA which is Ireland's National Choir.

Xenogears turns 20 next year on February 11th.