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    Default Episode Ignis

    So it's out and seems pretty decent so far. The music is smurfing incredibly good. Like, ridiculously so. The hookshot and spellblade abilities seem interesting and it's good to get to know Ravus.

    The worst thing so far, and I get this is a really weird and specific issue, but there are absolutely no splash physics whatsoever. Giant airships just phase into the water with no impact. What the smurf is this, the PS1? I know if you haven't played it it sounds like nothing major but trust me it's jarring and ruins the immersion when they're trying to build up this epic action sequence.

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    I thought it was fitting that Chrono Trigger's composer made music on a game that has alternate endings.

    This was a great episode. I put around 3 hours into it. I think I have more fun playing as Ignis than I do as Noctis. The spelldaggers are really cool. There were a lot of touching scenes with both him and Ravus.

    I was surprised by the hookshot and how much I liked it. It reminded me of the Assassin's Festival, walking across rooftops. I cleared all the enemies out of the "red zones".

    I've enjoyed all the DLC. The problem with playing them after the main game was having to see important cutscenes out of order. I think in a future playthrough of the main game, I'll stop at chapter 7, chapter 9, and so on to play the DLC where they belong like a puzzle.

    Apparently one of the shops sells you a bunch of new glasses for Ignis. I missed it entirely. I must have assumed each shop would have the same line up of potions and what not.

    As far as I can tell. There are 3 endings. The canon one, the alternate one, and a third one if you get a game over during the alternate routes boss fight.

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    I'll put my thoughts under spoiler just in case.
    (SPOILER)I really liked Episode Ignis! It was really heartbreaking, and I really liked to see more Ignis' friendship with Noctis, and not just the adviser side of him. Ravus was a great companion, they're really badass together, and his story arc is really sad too. The post-credit scene made me cry, it was so sad and beautiful at the same time, just like the ending of the game.
    The only thing I didn't like was the alternate ending. It was way too happy for my taste. FFXV is a tragedy and I really prefer it as a tragedy, and I really don't think Ignis would follow Ardyn.

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