With the console release of Dissidia NT next month, Square-Enix shared several trailers at Jump Festa to get fans excited. There will be more character trailers coming, but for now the ones released deal with the original Eleven Heroes of the first Dissidia entry. For some interesting story tidbits:

  • The game is a sequel to the original Dissidia entries, as Cosmos is named dropped in the Jump Festa Trailers and the heroes spend their time talking about how this event feels differently than the last one.
  • The actual dynamics of why everyone is there is not necessarily as clean cut as the original games. Character trailers reveal heroes working alongside some of the villains. Also, like Dissidia, it seems the villains have a clearer understanding of what's going on than the heroes.
  • The story seems to center around why the whole conflict, including the original games, occurred, and seems to be based on the characters memories maintaining the world.
  • It appears that like the original, the heroes are going to break up into small groups in the main story. Group One is Warrior of Light, Cecil, and Noctis; Group Two is Firion, Tidus, and Shantatto; Group Three is Onion Knight, Vaan, and Y'shtola; Group Four is Bartz and Cloud; and Group Five is Terra, Squall, Zidane, and Lightning. No word on Kain's placement, or if Ramza and Ace will actually be part of the story or not.

Here are the character Trailers, though they are in Japanese:

Warrior of Light


Onion Knight









Here is the Jump Festa Trailer IN ENGLISH!