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Thread: Atlus announces Catherine: Full Body

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    ichigo Atlus announces Catherine: Full Body

    Catherine, the hectic puzzle platformer about infidelity and sheep is getting a Director's Cut/Remaster for modern systems next winter. In addition to the original, Atlus will also be doing their token "let's re-release an old game and add a completely new character in the mix while we're at it" so for veterans of the original, the game now has a new scenario with a third "Catherine" nicknamed Rin who plays piano at Vincent's dive bar. The game will feature new stages, traps, endings, and scenarios.

    For those who may not know what Catherine is about, it's the story of Vincent. A loafer in his thirties being pestered by his long suffering girlfriend Katherine to finally stop being a kid and finally grow up and settle down with her. After getting drunk bitching about his girlfriend to his guy buddies, Vincent meets a blonde bombshell named Catherine at his hang out and have a long discussion about relationships which leads to Vincent blacking out and having a nightmare where he's surrounded by sheep trying to climb a menacing tower. When he wakes the next morning, Catherine is in bed with him. Stuck in infidelity, Vincent spends his days trying to sort out whether he is ready for marriage and fatherhood, or if he wants to just stick to being a bachelor, while at night he continues to have dreams about the tower he must climb.

    Here's a trailer showing off the new character:

    Did I mention it's already been confirmed for the West?

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    Always been interested in this game but never got to play it. The time has come!

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    Ohhh boy getting ready to hate (SPOILER) Vincent all over again !

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    Not exactly a lot to go on, but I would not be surprised. The Switch has sold three million units in Japan, and shows no signs of slowing, so I'm sure Japanese devs are looking at it with interest. And if they do make it for the Switch, there's no reason not to release the localization on it as well.
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    I own the original but never got very far. I tried twice but always got distracted away. I'll give it another whirl on the PS4 when the time comes. I just hope this isn't like Persona 4 Golden where they almost ruin the game with the changes and additions. Otherwise I'll just go back to the original like I've done with Persona 4

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