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    Despite the title of this thread suggesting there's an open-ended nature to the whole thing, I'm just kind of drunk and want to ramble on about how great the battle theme for DragonQuest 8 is and convince you to play this game if you haven't.

    Click here and listen to it. Imagine you're just running around this lush-ass green world and you stumble upon some Bodkin ARchers and Dingalings smurfing trying to kill your ass but you have this music pumping you up. I mean seriously it's dope.

    And if you haven't played DragonQuest 8 then please play it, it's the best old school RPG in the past XX amount of yrs

    In your (ultimately incorrect when compared to DQ8) what is the all-time best battle theme song in RPGs?


    I'll drop in a quick edit to say DQ8 also has the G.O.A.T. world map theme : . Honestly an absolute beauty of a game.
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