Curious here. Because.... I just don't personally "get it " ?

To me Light is such a giant bitch and she's immature. The way she treats people is just unforgivable, cold, and brutal. She's hot-tempted and aggressive, to the point that she physically attacks her allies more than once. Cloud and Squall were cold-hearted jerks, but they never went to *that * level. Unless you count the time where Cloud lost the plot and started to hit Aerith, but he was basically insane at the time.

You're not a "strong woman ", if you can't treat people like they're not punching bags.

She says that she wants to be strong for her sister, but she does the total opposite. Let's not get her started on her tantrum when Serah mentions that she wants to marry Snow.

To me, Lightning is a weak character. She's not a strong female character because of her childish attitude. Yeah, she wields a Gunblade, but that's just physical strength. Physical strength doesn't make you "strong ".

She's just a awful person.