Been playing way too many Matsuno titles lately... anyway, I wanted to discuss the ethics we see in gaming and whether the choices we make in games entail deeper evaluation and if they can be seen as a test of our own character.

Have you ever been bothered by a choice you had to make? Followed a character whose goals clashed with your own principles? How about a villain you mostly agreed with? Do you find it easy to choose the evil options in games, or do you always stick to the paragon of virtue options? Does it bother you to see other players gleefully choose "evil" options? Do you roll your eyes when a player confesses they always choose the good choices? Has there been an ethical dilemma in a game that left you feeling anxious or concerned? Would you judge another gamer by the choices they make in a game?

Obviously, there are a lot of questions and not all of them need to be answered right away. This is a pretty broad topic but I feel with a little discussion we can eventually narrow this down to something a bit more precise.